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We are currently recruiting for an Exercise Planner in support of the 4th POG Commander, to develop, analyze, and evaluate real-world scenario-based training, in a synthetic environment. Looking for cultural fit with a high-performance organization, committed to excellence with great growth opportunities. 

Location: Ft. Bragg, NC

Security Clearance: Active Secret Level Clearance

SOF Mission Team Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree. Ten years of related military experience may substitute for an academic degree.
  • Graduate of a U.S. Military Officers Education System course above entry-level training: Captain Career Course, Intermediate Level Education, Basic Warrant Officer Course, Warrant Officer Advance Course, or equivalent. Or graduate from one of the following U.S. military Noncommissioned Officer Education System courses: Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course, First Sergeant Course, or Sergeants Major Course. Must have obtained the rank of at least O4 (Major), CW3 (Chief Warrant Officer) or E8 (Master Sergeant or First Sergeant). Equivalent rank within other military branches are acceptable.
  • Assignment to Special Operations Forces (Special Forces, Military Information Support Operations, Civil Affairs, Ranger Regiment, Special Operations Aviation, Special Mission units), or assignment to Military Intelligence. (Equivalent assignments within other Department of Defense military branches apply)
  • Minimum of two (2) years of corporate experience and specific expertise working in the digital domain, using open source, social media, and the internet for research, influence, operations, targeting, and analysis. Shall be technology agnostic and have detailed expertise and experience with different technologies to understand and exploit this space with operational relevance.
  • Two years of experience researching, planning, preparing, coordinating, and executing Mission Rehearsal and Command Post Exercises (MRX/CPX).
  • One year of experience successfully served in a key position at brigade/battalion level (i.e., Executive Officer, S3, Operations Sergeant Major, etc.).


  • Provide advisory support about specific tasks, processes, or functions, and performs to the organization’s “best practice” standard. Contractor shall be capable of providing reports, technical guidance and mentorship to civilian and military organizations and skilled in analyzing scenarios for requirements and solutions that are in compliance with organizational requirements.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the specific role(s) that simulation support provides during a joint training exercise to include: Exercise Roles, Exercise Task Organization, Exercise Policies, Required administrative and IT Support, Army Dialogue, Web Based Software (and applicable data), automations equipment needed for replication of USASOC unit in order to provide timely and credible results to enhance effective decision making at all levels of agencies/units participating.
  • Support a 4th POG furnished synthetic internet environment that provides a full-range, free-play, immersive, realistic, and scalable operational practice environment in which warfighters simultaneously train on full-spectrum cyberspace operations and social media analytics during integrated and multi-dimensional exercises.
  • Maintain a synthetic internet training environment capability that replicates key aspects of the Internet to provide training exercise designers, planners, and participants with the ability to realistically replicate the unique impacts of online publicly available information (PAI) and other social media into training scenarios.
  • Provide staff with the training necessary to operate simulated Internet environments. These include the Information Operations Network (ION) and Synthetic Internet Training Environment (SITE). The Contractor shall adapt to current and future technologies employed by 4th POG throughout the life of this contract.
  • Provide end-user training to military, government, and contractors to ensure user-level competency for systems and tools used to support synthetic training environment. These include the Information Operations Network (ION) and Synthetic Internet Training Environment (SITE). The Contractor shall adapt to current and future technologies employed by 4th POG throughout the life of this contract
  • Provide staff with the necessary training to operate approved social media tools for the collection and analysis of information. The list below includes but is not limited to SOCOM approved social media tools: AtmosphereX, DiGs, OpenIO, Babel X, Dataminr, Dunami, Kalibr, Scraawl, Social Media Scanner, SURF, Snap Trends, SocioSpyder, GOSSIP, CAVEICE, M3S.

Benefits include:

  • 401K Matching Plan (SSU matches 100% up to 3% and 50% up to the additional 5%)
  • PTO and Holiday
  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance


If you are interested in a very well-compensated, empowered, and fulfilling position, while making a positive impact at a high level of significance, we encourage you to submit your resume/cv to