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We are currently recruiting for a Special Activities Branch (SAB) Project Officer to support the USSOCOM J39-Special Activities Branch (SAB) in the planning and execution of operations by drafting and maintaining currency of policies, programs, and other regulatory documents. You will provide analytical and operational planning expertise to deter peer and near peer competitor malign activities, support counterterrorism (CT) operations, enhance homeland security, provide intelligence analysis, and develop defense assessments. These functions incorporate frequent interaction with the USSOCOM staff, the Joint Staff (JS), Services, combatant commands (COCOMs), and interagency departments and agencies. Looking for cultural fit with a high-performance organization, committed to excellence with great growth opportunities.

 Multiple Locations:


Crystal City, VA

Security Clearance: TS / SCI Clearance required 

SOF Mission Team Job Qualifications

  • Minimum of 5 years of military/DOD experience in producing orders, plans, annexes and appendices in accordance with DOD Joint planning guidance
  • 3 years consecutive experience as a staff member at a COCOM, TSOC, JTF, Service component, or on the Joint Staff in the plans or operations fields
  • 3 years consecutive experience in program or project management and leadership of diverse and technical teams of creative problem solvers, comprised of 5 or more people
  • 3 years’ experience responsible for the development of briefings, presentations, and papers for consumption by senior leadership (GOFO/SES/Secretariat Level) in the DOD and other governmental agencies and offices
  • Effective written and oral communications skills
  • Ability to work with minimal guidance and direction, proactive and mission focused
  • Ability to read, write and comprehend at a graduate level
  • Possess a current TOP SECRET clearance with the ability to obtain access to sensitive compartmented information (SCI)
  • Ability to travel domestically or internationally as required by mission
  • Willingness to take a counterintelligence (CI) polygraph test. 


  • Manage multiple projects and the teams associated with the development of those projects. Provide timely updates and progress reports to the government
  • Prepare and present comprehensive plans, author information and/or research papers, and deliver briefings and presentations to senior DOD and government officials
  • Establish and maintain liaison contacts within USSOCOM and the other COCOMs, military service communities, non-DOD agencies, as well as the Joint Staff (JS) and the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD)
  • Develop, synchronize, and deconflict strategic-level plans and operations; coordinate with other COCOMs, JS, and other agencies conducting strategic operations, activities and investments (OAIs); create and manage all phases of compartmented special operations, to include measures of performance and measures of effectiveness, and after-action reviews (AARs)
  • Draft, edit, and review strategy and guidance for government approval to facilitate coordination of compartmented planning across the SOF enterprise; including synchronizing of SOF activities; prioritizing and assessing SOF operations, activities, and actions; and supporting the development of capabilities within an established HQ USSOCOM framework
  • Assist the government in leading operational planning teams (OPTs) and developing concept of operations (CONOPS), to include related staffing actions for designated subject matter areas
  • Assist the government in conceptualizing, executing, and preparing operational plans and documents, AARs, and determining operational metrics of SOF operations and activities
  • Plan, coordinate, and conduct conferences, working groups, and organizational meetings to support mission planning objectives and directed tasks under the direction of Government personnel
  • Conduct staff actions and records keeping for J39-SAB related documents
  • Draft, edit, review, staff and provide recommendations for government approval for SOF-specific technology related plans, policies, and briefings that support the development of strategies, strategic guidance, and capabilities
  • Utilize knowledge, background, and understanding of acquisition and industry capabilities to complement the application of SOF activities to prepare and present related briefings, AARs, and white papers designed to inform senior leaders and facilitate working groups
  • Draft, edit, and review strategy and guidance for government approval to facilitate coordination across the SOF enterprise; including synchronizing, prioritizing and assessing SOF operations, activities, and actions; and supporting the development of capabilities within an established HQ USSOCOM framework.
  • Develop and maintain an electronic resource, to include key points of contact, to be used for mission continuity that may be accessed by all stakeholders

Benefits include:

  • 401K Matching Plan
  • PTO and Holiday
  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance

If you are interested in a very well-compensated, empowered, and fulfilling position, while making a positive impact at a high level of significance, we encourage you to submit your resume/cv to