SSU offers a wide array of modular and retrofit structures that are relocatable and customized to meet customer requirements for CONUS locations as well as deployed and overseas environments. The modular and relocatable buildings come in three different product lines, 1) Expeditionary POD Construction, 2) Modular Composite Shelter System (MCSS), and the 3) Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF). SSU utilizes structural insulated panels (SIP) constructed under controlled plant conditions and designed to the same code and standards as conventionally built facilities but in half the time.

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) – Meets Intelligence Community Technical Specification (ICTS) ICD/ICS 705 guidelines


SSU produces expeditionary/modular SCIFs designed to meet specific customer requirements. We offer different panel options of material and construction (wood, composite, plastic, metal skin); each with varying characteristics such as weight, strength, and finish, ensuring our products can meet any customer specifications and endure harsh environmental conditions. Depending on the requirement, includes a specially designed HVAC venting system for interference/electromagnetic pulse (EMI/EMP) protection. Past Performance of proven turn-key modular SCIF facilities for indoor and outdoor applications.

Expeditionary POD Construction – Customized and Relocatable Buildings


The Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) construction employed in our Expeditionary POD Construction system provides the flexibility to design and construct a nearly infinite number of variants, configurations, and capabilities for relocatable buildings. In addition to the standard variants, many custom designs ranging from 46 to over 10,000 square feet are available to meet emerging requirements. Using lightweight, high-strength, low-cost rigid SIP panels, custom designs are easily produced to meet any requested size.

Modular Construction Composite Shelter (MCSS) – Modular, Lightweight, Relocatable, and Durable Structures

The Single Modular Composite Shelter System is the base unit of the MCSS product line. The MCSS incorporates a cutting-edge design and lightweight composite materials with strong yet simple attaching hardware. The combination allows for a structure that is fully modular and relocatable at the customer’s discretion. This entire structure weighs approximately 600lbs, making it easy to move and it can be constructed by unskilled labor in 10 minutes.