Joint Venture

SSU-Corvias MATOC 1 JV, LLC consists of Strategic Solutions Unlimited, Inc and Corvias.

Board Members

SSU-Corvias MATOC 1 JV, LLC’s board members are:

  • Tony Martin, PhD, President & CEO of Strategic Solutions Unlimited, Inc.
  • Kurt Elhers, Partnership Executive, Corvias
  • Tad Davis, Former Director, Bureau of Overseas Building Operations, U.S. Department of State
  • Al Aycock, U.S. Army Major General, Retired
  • SSU-Corvias MATOC 1 JV, LLC Administration Manager, Erik Cannon, Sergeant Major, U.S. Army Retired, Engineer Corps

Strategic Solutions Unlimited, Inc. (SSU)

Strategic Solutions Unlimited, Inc. is mission focused and passionate about supporting our customers. SSU is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that has deep ties and affiliation with the military. Since our inception in 2008, SSU has designed, produced and installed modular structures ranging from unclassified structures to SCIFs meeting ICD 705 requirements. SSU began with unclassified single use buildings for military special operations applications and transitioned to additional varied use buildings for the Department of the Army G2 office, fielding buildings overseas in conflict locations.  This work led to the development and subsequent construction of our first building to meet ICD 705 standards. 

Since then, SSU has offered, constructed and set up numerous ICD 705 compliant buildings for our customers in multiple locations.  More specific to this effort, in the last three years of construction in the United Kingdom, SSU has built two separate buildings in support of the U.S. Air Force with a third contract awarded with pending installation scheduled for fall of 2021. SSU understands the most efficient and effective methods for navigating the compliance processes on these types of construction projects at OCONUS military bases and brings that knowledge to any effort we pursue.

SSU is a value add to any contract related to ICD 705 compliant buildings for the following reasons.

  • Employed TS cleared individuals since the beginning of its corporate existence in 2008. 
  • Designed, built, and fielded more than 400 different modular buildings to numerous countries and U.S. bases in those countries. 
  • Staffed with retired military personnel from the Intelligence and Special Operations functional areas who know exactly how to support Department of Defense and Federal Government customers with sensitive and/or classified missions. 
  • Has worked with our customers on many different buildings requiring ICD 705 compliance, fixed facility checklists and other security checklists.


Corvias’ 30 partnerships span the country, with more than $3.5 billion in financing and $6.9 billion in gross assets under management. Growing from a family-owned business founded more than 91 years ago in Rhode Island, Corvias was established in 1998 to dramatically improve communities for America’s service members and their families. Now 900+ employees are spread across 32 office and program locations. As pioneers in the field of P3s, Corvias delivers industry-leading experience in, and perspective on, the financing of facilities and infrastructure, providing quality design and construction services, operating and maintaining facilities, and ensuring the financial and physical viability of assets for the long term.

Corvias has successfully implemented and executed large-scale management and operations for more than 39+ million gross square feet of facilities and more than $170 million per year of construction since its inception with peak years exceeding $300 million in volume. In fact, each of Corvias’ 30 partnerships include the ongoing O&M of a full range of facilities and infrastructure. Many of these complex programs equate to the management and operations of a small city, both in size and scope. Furthermore, from experience developing, constructing and managing 17 department of defense and 13 higher education programs, Corvias will bring experience of best practices, lessons learned, and economies of scale to any potential client.

Past Performance

SSU and Corvias teamed to repurpose 9,500 square feet of warehouse space into office, classroom, and SCIF space.  The scope of work included demolition, all new electrical service, plumbing, flooring, fire suppression, raised floors, and drop ceilings.  The result was Two full/certified SCIFs, a 75-person classroom, conference room, multiple office spaces, and restrooms.  The renovation resulted in a 7-year lease by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer, in support of U.S. Special Operations Command. Corvias provided all the construction management and construction labor.  SSU provided the ICD705 design, management, install, testing, and completion.

SSU and Corvias also teamed on four (4) privatized military housing communities and community centers; Ft. Bragg, NC, Pope Army Airfield, NC, Eglin Air Force Base, FL, and Hurlburt Field Air Force Base, FL.  Corvias provided all the construction management for 7,420 houses and 10 community centers on 4 different military bases.  SSU provided planning guidance and oversight for all Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) in accordance with UFC 4-010-01 requirements prescribed by MIL-STD 3007 for planning, design, construction and sustainment.

With our two companies combined and operating as SSU-Corvias MATOC 1 JV, LLC, our customers receive the small business feel and services of an SDVOSB combined with the performance risk mitigation of a large business.