SSU delivers high-end professional training, characteristic of our SOF experienced leaders and their mission focus at our training facility in Fayetteville, NC. Uniquely, we offer training convenient to you at your location or at SSU’s custom training facility near the heart of Special Operations at Fort Bragg, NC.

training facility

Network Targeting

  • F3EAD Targeting Cycle
  • Network Analysts & analytics
  • Operational research, tools, and databases
  • Analysts with subject matter expertise
training facility

Intel Exploitation

  • Interrogation analysis support
  • Captured enemy material exploitation
  • Cutting edge tools & training
training facility

Biometrics and TECHEX

  • Advanced biometrics training
  • Integration of biometrics network
  • Advanced tool instruction
training facility

Leader Development

  • Comprehensive Leader Development (CLD) program
  • Comprehensive Review Findings training
  • Individualized “hard-wired” leadership assessments
  • Veteran SOF leader instructors