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Modular Composite Shelter System (MCSS)

The construction employed in the Modular Composite Shelter System (MCSS) provides the flexibility to design, is relocatable, and constructs a nearly infinite number of variants, configurations, and capabilities from 42 to over 10,000 square feet. In addition to the base single pod MCSS, custom designs are available to meet your emerging requirements. Using lightweight, high-strength, low-cost, rigid composite panels, our customization is sure to meet your needs.

  • Cutting Edge Design
  • Relocatable Buildings
  • Lightweight Composite Materials
  • Fully Modular
  • Simple Attaching Hardware

The base unit measures 7’w x 8’l x 8’h and weighs approx 600 lbs, making it easy to move and effortlessly assembled by unskilled labor in 10 minutes.

Modular Composite Shelter System Offers Infinite Versatility

Sample Configuration #1

Operations Center

  • Approximately 780 sq feet and approximately 9 1/2′ ceiling height
  • Raised floor or tiered seating, allowing easy access to communication and networking
  • Ideally suited for a command and control or operations center
  • Relocatable

Sample Configuration #2

Telemedicine or Laboratory Facility

  • Approx 135 – 190 sq feet
  • Offered to address the demand for a modular, rapidly deployable medical support facility for one or several patients
  • Much larger medical treatment facilities are available as well
  • Relocatable

Sample Configuration #3

Emergency or Temporary Housing

  • Housing or billeting design options include (2) bedrooms, a bathroom, and a common room for kitchen, dining, and living space
  • Relocatable

Mobile Detention Latrine

SSU’s MCSS mobile detention latrine provides a cutting-edge design and lightweight composite materials to provide a structure that is fully mobile and easily moved via a forklift or pallet jack. This entire structure weighs approximately 1,780 lbs, making it easy to move and set up.

Base Structure Dimensions: Exterior / Interior:

  • 84″ Depth/81 1/2″ Depth; 84″ Width/81 1/2″ Width; 92″ Height/83″ Height
  • Features:
  • No tools required for assembly
  • All weather, marine grade, no maintenance required
  • Lightweight design
  • Can withstand an excess of 100 mph steady-state winds and gusts of 120 mph
  • Passed the ASTM Test Method E-84 Class II Standard 25/75 Flame Spread Test
  • Tamper-proof recessed lighting and internal floor drain
  • Panel Composition
  • 2.5″ thick panels with the structural rigidity and durability necessary to function in the most challenging environments.
  • Kevlar skin is treated with a UV inhibitor and colored pigment gel coat, providing UV protection for the life of the shelter.
  • MCSS panel composite provides strength, stiffness, and high toughness (i.e., impact, puncture, and abrasion resistance).
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Fully pre-wired according to the client’s needs
  • 60 amp electrical panel with Hub bell connectors included
  • Configurable to accept 110v or 220v power sources
  • Can accept commercial, generator, or renewable energy sources Panel Composition
  • Internal Lighting
  • Tamper-proof recessed roof panel
  • Low-power LED lighting
  • 3/4″ Lexan protective covering
  • HVAC Unit
  • Customizable to function with any HVAC system available
  • Plumbing
  • Detention grade lav-toilet combination and shower head with valve
  • Eco smart tankless water heater
  • Sanigrand Pro macerator unit